GRC offers content sales, distribution sales and strategy, and consulting on all phases of production and distribution.

Will Coaching help me?

There are almost 30 million people out of work  in our country as you read this, and well over a million of these are in the entertainment industry. If you find yourself in one of the following groups, Gary Rubin Indie Film Consulting & Entertainment Career Coaching can help you get back on your feet again:

  1. You are laid off/furloughed because of pandemic, but want to stay in the entertainment industry – GRC can walk you through the process of scouring the market, lend support, help brainstorm, help you think outside the box, and more.
  2. Laid off/furloughed (or not), but rethinking about staying in the entertainment industry  – GRC can help you find your dream career and support you  in making it possible.
  3. Producers and creatives with productions and planned productions that have been derailed – I personally have a background in executive producing films and have taught the process to UCLA students for 20 years. I’m available to give you the support you need to put your project back together and on schedule again.
  4. You are a producer or director and you have a finished film that needs distribution, and/or the industry is in a major flux because of the pandemic – We can support and guide  you  back on track.

If you find yourself in one of these situations please contact  GR Consulting and Career Coaching to set up your free 10 minute session with me. But if you are not so easily categorized, that doesn’t mean we can’t support you, too. Let’s talk for 10 minutes and see what we can do to help you as well!

Gary Rubin