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TV Series for Sale

Wright of Passage

Runtime: 7  Episodes (30 Minutes each) |

In Wright of Passage, Lee Giat, a determined pilot, faces the aftermath of a plane crash, embarking on a redemption-filled odyssey. Guided by his father’s legacy, he pilots the “Spirit of Science” across Latin America. Amidst perilous landings, cultural clashes, and unforeseen emergencies, Lee’s mission to inspire and uplift becomes a testament to the unbreakable human spirit. This series chronicles his flight to reshape destinies, heal wounds, and redefine limits, showcasing the power of courage, community, and aviation as a catalyst for change.

Pilot Directed by: Lee Giat
Executive Producer: Lee Giat, Kenny Smith
Genre: Adventure
Pilot link Available

A violent plane crash fuels a daring mission. Follow a young pilot as he prepares for the biggest aviation challenge of his life.

wright of passage

The Galileo Project

7 Episodes |


Pilot Directed by: Betsy Chasse
Executive Producer: Betsy Chasse
Co-producer: Sheila Conlin
Pilot link Available 

A paradigm shifting exploration into who and what we are.

The Galileo Project