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Self-love in the Time of Coronavirus

Summer is coming. Barbecuing, baseball games, beach, etc. Oh, wait. That’s the way it used to be before COVID-19. Now we have Netflix, eat, repeat. Want to go outside? Put a mask on.

Along the way, our jobs and personal lives, live music, new movies shown in actual movie theatres, sports venues, gatherings of more than a few people, our lives, and for some us, our careers, have been hijacked. Not to mention health, for the unlucky few that have caught the dreaded coronavirus.

Now what? Well, we can feel sorry for ourselves, or we can use a coping tool called reframing. Reframing allows you to take a second look at the situation you are in, but from a broader perspective. We are stuck at home. Is it penance, or is it a home retreat where we have time for self-reflection? According to expert Life Coach Arna Vodenos, who uses spiritual psychology as her approach in healing work, “Reframing a situation as a blessing is an incredible tool to walk through a catastrophic situation like this pandemic. It allows a person to go deep inside and see the opportunities they would never see before, and how this life-changing situation can transform their life for the positive.” Let’s explore what this might look like.

Think back to when you were a child. What did you dream about becoming someday? Your heart’s desire. President? Let’s not touch that one. But there were plenty of other dreams most of us had and never had the opportunity to pursue. From Vodenos: “A pandemic such as this creates the space and allows the surrender to see the immediacy of our lost dreams and ambitions.” Indeed. It’s important for you to get clarity on those dreams and own them.

Lost your job? Not if you start your own business, however big or small. Loving the time with your kids? Maybe staying home with them is right for you at this point in your life. Now is a great opportunity for you to rediscover your heart’s desire and make it into a financial win as well.

To one extent or another, most of us are our own bosses now in some fashion. That’s not a terrible thing. Let’s cherish that.