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Production Delayed

During the first week of June, production guidelines for film and TV businesses to get the industry back to work were pretty much ironed out, just in time for the upcoming TV seasons. One problem, the police induced death of George Floyd was causing protests, riots and looting all over the country. With great respect to Mr. Floyd, Production was delayed – again.      


So now what do we do? First, we must remember, there will be production. Christopher E. Perry, executive producer and COO of Reel World Management, has this to say: “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Right now, all of our productions are in a holding pattern. We are just waiting for the industry, as well as local officials, to agree when we can resume. But it will happen.” Production is not going away despite these setbacks. Dr. Fauci has indicated a high likelihood of a vaccine for coronavirus in 6-9 months, and the show will go on.           

watching film

It’s important to remember the opportunity hidden under these setbacks. There has been no production for 3 months or so. Clearly, as we emerge, there will be a need for content.

I have a friend who had two TV movies on the shelf. They were already in profit, so their lack of a US deal wasn’t tragic but disappointing. Guess what? The same network that passed on them several months ago, just called my friend to license them after all. Their problem was his gain.

His experience helps us reframe the situation. A seemingly, almost catastrophic situation always has a flip side. As they say, when one door closes, another opens.  So don’t give up. There is hope. A lot of it! Hold your clear intention – no matter what. Your film or TV project will start soon despite the delays!

Call me for help if you would like to learn how to reframe your situation – you can turn a challenge into a positive! 

– Gary Rubin