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live at deaf club

The Ninth Step

Director: John Dahl (Rounders, The Last Seduction)
Producer: Jon Turtle, Michael Levy, Jerry Offsay, Gyorgy Peter Bruno 
Territories: The World ex Hungary
Rights: All Rights Available

Cast: In discussion with significant female actor

Believing that she has killed his wife in a drunk-driving accident, a repentant alcoholic veterinarian winnows her way into a widowed schoolteacher’s life, marrying him and becoming pregnant with their child – only to be plagued by a blackmailing witness who becomes her worst nightmare.

John Dahl Director

Live at the Deaf Club

In the late 1970’s, nascent punk rock bands struggling to find a home for their raucous and subversive music, found an ideal partner in the most unlikely place: The San Francisco Deaf Club.

Director: Jevon Whetter
Producers: Delbert Whetter, Justin Maurer, Jevon Whetter
Territories: USA/Canada (WW may be discussed)
Rights: All Rights Available

Two marginalized, seemingly ill-matched groups at the outer fringes of society, came together at the Deaf Club and turned it into ground zero for the SF underground punk scene.

live at deaf club


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What if ADHD was not a disorder, but rather a set of traits of a type of brain that functions differently than the non-ADHD brain? What if ADHD is genetic and handed down by generations of Hunters? What if all ADHD is, is a condition caused by a society that tries to fit Hunters into a Farmer’s world?

Director: Roman Wyden
Producers: Leila Conners, Laura Knight, Stephan McGuire, Tatiana Redin, Roman Wyden
Writers: Tatiana Redin, Roman Wyden
Cinematography: Irvin Y. Liu, Simon Steuri
Cast: Gabor Maté, Bruce Lipton, Trudi Forristalf, Thom Hartmann, Peter A. Levine, Thomas Armstrong, Rafia Morgan, Robert Whitaker, Dale Archer, Roman Wyden, Brett Jones, Peter Gray, Miki Agrawal, Marilyn Wedge, Stephen Cowan
Tatiana RedinRoman Wyden
Territories: USA/Canada (WW may be discussed)
Rights: All Rights Available

The label ADHD has run its course.

ADHD is over