GRC offers content sales, distribution sales and strategy, and consulting on all phases of production and distribution.

GRC We work together distribution program

An Alternative!

This program is for producers who are less than happy with their distribution offers.

If GRC determines your film to be one in which it can help, we can work with you in the following ways:

Theatrical distribution.

This is where we really work together. We develop a print and advertising (P & A ) plan together and then execute it. With GRC’s advice and counsel, you’ll market your own film in New York and Los Angeles – the two linchpins to any theatrical release. GRC will book the screens for you and advise you on marketing and related issues. Then, if you wish further distribution, GRC can book limited screens around the country for you.

You’ll handle all delivery issues with our input. We will help you choose the publicist in NY and LA, and then we will secure publicists around the country as needed for local openings.  Whether it leads to great success, or just a terrific set up for ancillary:

theatrical distribution
ancillary sales

Ancillary sales.

GRC can make your potential SVOD, Pay TV, or AVOD arrangements. If the deal allows it, we can also help make your deals in the following areas:

  • Non-theatrical
  • Airlines
  • Educational streaming
  • DVD/Blu-ray
  • PPV/ VOD

You market and you deliver with our counsel.

This is a great alternative to an all rights sale you aren’t as happy with. We hope to find you a great one, of course, but if not, the GRC We Work Together distribution program is here to help!

GRC has worked with many indpendent filmmakers and directors including Lisa Hurwitz, who was nominated for Best first documentary, by the Critics Choice Documentary Awards for The Automat, in 2022.