GRC offers content sales, distribution sales and strategy, and consulting on all phases of production and distribution.

About Gary Rubin

Domestic Film Sales Agent & Indie Film consultant

Here to guide you through the challenges of the indie film and entertainment industry.

Gary Rubin

Gary Rubin

Gary Rubin has over 30 years of experience in the motion picture and television businesses encompassing acquisitions, production, distribution and management responsibilities.

In those years, he acquired nearly 100 films, and helped create multiple nine figures in domestic sales.

Recently, Gary started GRC, a sales agency and consulting company, which represents both new and older films to a complete set of  streaming and distributor clients. GRC also consults on a variety of issues including finance and distribution, for producers, investors, and more. GRC recently oversaw the self-distribution of the acclaimed documentary, The Automat. The Automat was nominated for four Critics Choice Documentary Awards including for Best Documentary Feature.

Prior to launching GRC, he acted as COO of Menemsha Films, playing an instrumental role in sales, helping its SVOD channel, and more.

Before that, Rubin held the position of Executive Vice President at Cohen Media Group, helping make such key acquisitions as MY OLD LADY ($4 mil b.o.) starring Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline, and Kristen Scott Thomas.

He also helped form the company’s ancillary sales distribution mechanism, including DVD/Bluray, digital, cable and satellite VOD, as well as relationships with Netflix, Amazon, and others. He played a major role in the launch of the Cohen Media Channel.

Previously, he formed First Independent Pictures, a specialty distribution company, known for distributing Working Title’s SIXTY SIX starring Helena Bonham Carter; BIG FAN starring Patton Oswalt; and HOLY ROLLERS starring Jesse Eisenberg. In addition to distributing, he also executive produced David Mamet’s EDMOND and the Disney Channel hit movie, BOB THE BUTLER. Rubin personally oversaw all theatrical and ancillary distribution.

Rubin served as Executive Vice President, TV Sales and Acquisitions, for Artisan Entertainment. In his time there, he helped direct a program of extremely profitable high-end TV/video-driven acquisitions, including GOOD ADVICE starring Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.

And he helped oversee all TV and VOD distribution of the company’s product, including an extremely successful second TV window sale for The BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

Rubin was employed by October Films, where he held the position of Vice President, Ancillary Distribution and Library Acquisitions.

Earlier, Rubin acted as President of Prism Pictures.

Also in Rubin’s past: Director of Programming of iN DEMAND (formerly Viewer’s Choice), the Nation’s leading aggregator of PPV movies and events (owned now by Comcast and Time Warner).

Gary graduated with a bachelor’s degree from The University of Michigan and sometimes teaches classes at UCLA Extension in indie acquisitions, distribution and finance.

Big Fan
The Blair Witch Project
My Old Lady

Why Work with Gary Rubin?

Gary has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of film distribution and acquisitions, and he has worked for such companies as:

  • Artisan Entertainmentwhere he worked on The Blair Witch Project
  • October Films
  • Cohen Media – where he worked on such movies as My Old Lady and Deli Man.
  • And his own First Independent Pictureswhere he co-financed, Executive Produced and distributed David Mamet’s Edmond.
Great New Wonderful
holy rollers
Mail Order Wife
Bob the Butler
Deli Man