GRC offers content sales, distribution sales and strategy, and consulting on all phases of production and distribution.

Domestic Indie Film Sales Agent & Consultant

For the Indie Film and Entertainment industry.
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GRC Services

Sales Representation
for Independently made film and tv projects:

  • GRC can act as your sales agent on your upcoming project seeking distribution
  • Advise on cast if a presale
  • Assistance getting acceptance to film festivals if appropriate
  • Getting to the right potential buyers
  • Closing a deal
  • And more

for Producers, Investors, Distributors & more:

  • Ancillary distribution and valuation
  • SVOD and AVOD channel conception, programming and launching
  • Acquisitions advisory

  • Corporate and project finance advisory

  • Arranging Service Deals
  • Producer guidance
  • And more

for the Entertainment Industry:

  • Coaching and assisting those looking for new positions and/or career reinvention
  • Advisory to producers who have experienced setbacks with their projects
  • Support for producers’ distribution issues
  • And more

Why Gary Rubin

As a Domestic Independent film Sales agent & indie film consultant?

Gary Rubin has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of film distribution and acquisitions.

Gary Rubin
Companies Gary has worked for:
Artisan Entertainment

In Demand

October Films
First Independent Pictures

Cohen Media